Best service at lowest cost is the key challenge for all single players within as well as for the performance of the entire spare parts supply chain. To achieve this goal, all cards have to be played – starting from (global) reconfiguration of spare parts distribution networks and service channels down to the operative improvements.

Based in Mumbai we take advantage of the extensive network of Specialized Sub Suppliers , assuring the utmost quality utility and the best materials for all the machine parts and spares.
We can reverse engineer spare parts to the exact specification of the original. This means we can supply spare parts at a fraction of the original cost to purchase.

As a part of our customer care we offer a punctual spare parts service to grant prompt delivery and to assist you in the maintenance as well as in an emergency needs.

We offer a wide range of products and services for Beverage , personal & Home Care Industry which makes Sparold truly a “one-stop” shop. Here are some of the products and services to meet the needs you may have

  • General Spares for Operational / Maintenance / Utility Needs
  • Beverage Industry
  • Soap Machinery
  • Biscuit/Confectionary/Food Machinery
  • Injection Molding / Blow Molding ( Extrusion / Injection / PET Blow ) Spares & accessories

    General Spares for Operational / Maintenance / Utility Needs

  • We provide sealing solutions for many different components used in beverage manufacturing including seals (includes sanitary seals), O-rings, and gaskets.
  • We do supply consumables, critical spares & complete equipments from ATLAS COPCO, ELGI, INGERSOLL RAND etc.
    All types of DG consumables and parts
  • Service kits and consumables for CUMMINS, PERKINS, CAT DG sets of all range.
  • Procurement of sound-proof material for DG rooms.
All types of DG consumables and parts
  • Service kits and consumables for CUMMINS, PERKINS, CAT DG sets of all range.
  • Procurement of sound-proof material for DG rooms.
Coupling / Bearings / Seals
  • Supply SKF, FAG, NADELLA, INA etc. From India and overseas to our present customers in Africa and middle-east countries.
  • We also give guidance for choosing right bearings, type lubricant & schedule etc.
Electric Motors & Gear Boxes
  • We do supply all types and range of gearboxes from world’s best suppliers as BONFLIGLIOLI, SEW etc. Also supply STD and Non-STD spares for OLD gear boxes as per drawings.
  • All type of Electric motors from all available brands.
Measuring Instruments
  • Gas meters
  • Water meters
  • Energy meters
  • Digital and analog pressure gauges
  • N2, NG gas leak detectors
Heavy Duty Bucket Elevators
Panels PC's, HMI, SCADA Panels, Industrial PC's
Belts & Belt drives
Safety items
  • LOTO kits
  • Fire extinguishers & fire alarm system
  • Smoke and Gas detectors
  • Lightening arrestors
  • Short circuit protectors
  • Reflectors
  • Food grade greases for low and high temp
  • High temp greases for plastic industry.
All types of filters
  • All type of Filter felts
  • Filter bags
  • Dust collecting bags for flour, sugar silos (the mesh size avail from 1 micron -50 Micron etc.)
Material Handling equipments
  • Forklifts, Pallet jacks, hand trucks & wheels.
  • Hand trucks and material handling equipments / wheels etc.
  • Single / Double Girder Cranes , Chain Pulley Blocks
Ink rolls and spares for printer
Workshop machines & accessories
Bailing machines for paper, carton,wrapper wastages.
Hydraulics / Pneumatics
Valves – Butterfly valves , Non Return Valve, Air Valve, Knife Gate Valve, Diaphragm Valve, Steam Valves
High Tensile Fasteners – Cold & Hot Forge Fasteners, Eye bolt, Lifting Eye, Special Fasteners

Beverage Industry

  • Below are some of the OEM Replacement Spares available for Beverage Industry
  • EPDM Food Grade hoses, PVC Flexible hose & PU hoses for Dairy / Beer / Wine applications
  • Filling & Capping Equipments - Valve Sets, Neck Gripper, Capper Head Parts
  • Labeller - Glue Scrapper, Vaccum Drum Pad, Glue Roller, Rotating & Fixed Cutting Blade Set
  • Customised Table top change parts for Filling Equipments.
  • Labeller Change parts for Roll fed / Cold Glue & Hot Melt Labellers
  • Bottle Pockets & Carriers for Glass Bottle Washers
  • Change part Trolleys

Soap Machinery

  • Any Type of Simplex & Duplex Plodder Worm ( Dia 200 to 400 )
  • Scoop Conveyors
  • Soap dies and soap mould for existing old or new stamping machine of different manufacturer
  • Comb & Comb Drive assembly
  • Knife Set Assembly
  • Vaccum Chamber
  • Paper Pinch & Paper Feed Assemblies
  • Suction Cup Pick up Assembly & Suction Cup Plier Assembly
  • Timing Puller, Universal Joint & Suction Cup

Biscuit / Confectionary / Food Machinery

Cooling/Oven Bands bands (Z47, LK6 etc.)for Biscuit Industry
  • Oven bands of different types & density (MS /SS/Chrome plated) from India & Europe.
  • After oven Cooling & packing bands (MS /SS/Chrome plated) for Biscuit industries.
Cooling/Packing Conveyors / Stackers & Guidelines for Biscuit Industries
  • Biscuit Stackers
  • Biscuit guides & tracks.
  • Biscuit Stack Packers
  • Guidelines for Biscuits
  • Metal Detectors for Biscuit Processing & Packing Machines
  • End of Line Automation
  • PU /PVC Endless Straight & curve bands (90 Deg /180 Deg)
  • Pure Cotton/ synthetic or mix endless or open belts (Tappies) for Biscuit moulder unit.
Spares for Biscuit Moulder / Laminator & packing m/cs
  • Biscuit mould / back pressure & rubber rollers for moulder and laminator unit.
  • All types of chain, chain links, Lugs (make to order)sprockets
  • Moulder knives (SS, Brass, Fiber etc.) for biscuit moulder & laminator unit.
  • Packing machine Jaws, knives, Anvils, cutters.
  • Special purpose Toothed belts for VFM (film pulling belts) & flow wrap packing machines.
  • Special designed Magnets for various stackers.
Flat & hollow & Wafer stick plants parts
  • Spare for flat wafer oven i.e. all types of high temp bearings & replacement spares for OEM i.e. lock nuts, keys, shafts etc. (metallurgy ref to original OEM spare)
  • Gas electrodes, sensors & valves for Gas train.
  • Oven door strips /seals.
  • Optical Rotary Encoders.
  • Spares for direct gas burners.
  • High temp food grade grease for Oven.
  • Spares for batter & cream supply pumps.
  • Spares for cream spreader, chillers etc.
  • STD length Double jacketed SS pipes for cream & water.
  • SS pipe fittings i.e. couplings, Elbows, Tees etc. For Cream and water circulation.
Spares for Confectionaries
Boilers & burner parts
  • Diesel /Gas burner parts for Boiler and ovens.
  • Combustion managers, indexing motors for shutters etc.
  • Ignition Electrodes & sensors
  • Safety valves
  • Relief valves
  • Filter elements
  • Main Blowers
Liquid handling pumps & system for food industry
  • We supply Lobe / Diaphragm/ positive displacement/ centrifugal etc. pumps used in Biscuit, confectioneries, wafer, beverage industries.
  • Spares for pumps i.e. seals, shafts, rubber diaphragm etc.

Injection Molding / Blow Molding ( Extrusion / Injection / PET Blow ) Spares & accessories

Hydraulic Pneumatics equipments & spares
  • We do supply all types of (Valves, Cylinders, Filters, Hydro-motors, Pumps with Cartridges of all makes) hydraulic & pneumatic spares.
  • All types of Hydraulic seals.
  • N2 bladders.
  • As part of technical support we offer all type of services i.e. Consultancy for better efficiency of equipments, retrofit for old designed machines etc. (especially in Plastics Injection & blow moulding machines)
Plastic Moulds & Dies
  • Spares for Injection & blow moulds i.e. Standard or make to order guide pins, Bushes, Hot-runner nozzles, manifolds etc.
  • Quick mould release fittings & water manifold
  • Stand-alone Hot and cold units for moulds / machines
  • Hot-runner units
Mechanical & electrical spares
  • Tie Rods, lock nuts, Bushes, Nozzles, Screw, Barrel, Ring-plungers etc. For all type of Injection moulding M/cs.
  • All type Mould clamps. (consultancy for quick mould change etc.)
  • All types of Dampers for M/c installation
Cooling towers and chillers
  • Spares for cooling towers
  • Spares for water & air cooled chillers used for moulding
  • Heat exchangers for hydraulic oil.
Plastic Grinder & Lumps cutter
  • Plastic lumps cutter